The CWMP offers the following advantages to employers:

  • Ability to choose initial care site and direct patient care
  • Prompt referrals to a specialist as required
  • Proactive case management to coordinate care, enhance communication, and simplify the treatment process
  • Cost savings opportunities include:

    • Provider discounts and other negotiated savings (routinely 13% to 15% below the workers’ compensation fee schedule)
    • Reduced indemnity costs through effective return-to-work programs
    • Significant reduction in attorney involvment and related litigation costs


The CWMP offers the following benefits to employees:

  • Timely initial medical evaluation and follow-up care from physicians trained to treat workplace injuries
  • Convenient initial care sites and provider locations
  • Prompt specialty referrals as required
  • 24-hour telephone access to a registered nurse case manager as required
  • Access to advocate/case manager to ensure patient does not “fall through the cracks” in the workers’ compensation system
  • Early return to work (and full pay) due to timely appointments and an aggressive return-to-work program

Independent SG Risk Study Measures the Impact of CompCHOICE’s CWMP Program.

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