Insurance Carrier/Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Insurance Carrier/Third Party Administrator (TPA) Benefits

  • Aggressive case management, typically resulting in a 3:1 return on investment (i.e., indemnity savings, elimination of unnecessary medical care, enhanced communication, etc.)
  • Provider discounts and other negotiated savings (typically 13% – 15% below W/C Fee Schedule)
  • Aggressive Return-to-work program results in significant indemnity savings (historically 66% faster than the National Standard lost-time case without Case Management intervention)
  • Health professionals are available to assist in making the compensability decisions
  • Ability to choose initial care site and direct patient care
  • Health professionals use expertise and National Practice Standards to coordinate medical care, enhance communication and simplify the treatment process
  • Reduced need for attorney involvement

Customized Reporting Capabilities

  • Provider Savings Reports
  • Case Management Savings Reports
  • Injury Reporting and More


Director of Business Development and Marketing

Jim Ropers

(405) 917-5413    cell: (405) 246-6597



Independent SG Risk Study Measures the Impact of CompCHOICE’s CWMP Program.

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