Dan Simmons, President

Dan Simmons has more than 30 years of both clinical and private practice experience, along with knowledge and development of provider-driven services with emphasis in group health and workers’ compensation.

In 1992, Dr. Simmons served as staff medical director and corporate risk manager for C.R. Anthony Co., providing management of all reported workplace injuries and loss control programs specific to workers’ compensation and general liability. In that capacity, he developed a comprehensive provider network utilized in the treatment of all workplace injuries and implemented a comprehensive workplace safety program in 13 states. Dr. Simmons has served as a physician consultant for large insurance companies on subjects related to medical fee reimbursement and utilization review protocols.

In 1994, Dr. Simmons became President of CompCHOICE, and developed and implemented all programs inherent to the Certified Workplace Medical Plan, including medical case management, peer review, dispute and grievance resolution processes, quality assurance, provider bill auditing and utilization review. CompCHOICE received state certification to operate as a Certified Workplace Medical Plan in January 1996.

Since then, CompCHOICE has become Oklahoma’s largest workers’ compensation managed care company and provides medical case management services in multiple states. Mr. Simmons possesses a unique perspective in developing and implementing programs based on the needs of injured workers, physicians, employers, and insurance companies. He earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College after completing undergraduate studies at St. Mary’s College, St. Louis, Missouri.

He previously served as an appointed member of the Governor’s Task Force on Workers’ Compensation Reform, the Lt. Governor’s Workers’ Compensation Committee and as President of the Certified Workplace Medical Plan Quality Assurance Association.

Mr. Simmons is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Legislative Reform Committee. Most recently, he was appointed by Governor Henry to be a Member of the Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation. He is a published columnist in business and industry periodicals.

Pam LeGrand, Executive Director

Pam LeGrand is the Executive Director for CompCHOICE. She ensures that the high standards of CompCHOICE Case Management are continually upheld and fosters excellence in our Certified Workplace Medical Plan (CWMP) program and managed care delivery.

Ms. LeGrand joined CompCHOICE on 2000 and brings more than 36 years of experience in nursing practice, leadership, and case management. Prior to joining the CompCHOICE team, she worked in direct patient care at Ardmore Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital, and Edmond Memorial Hospital in the fields of Obstetricts/Gynecology/Newborn nursery, Level II nursery, General surgery, Intensive Care, Orthopedics, and In-Patient orthopedic/neurological rehabilitation. She also provided case management in home health prior to moving into home health management.

Ms. LeGrand graduated from Murray State College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. She received her Case Manager’s Certification in 2007.

Chad Sommer, Director of Case Management

Chad Sommer is the Director of Case Management for CompCHOICE, bringing 20 years’ worth of vast nursing experience. Chad joined CompCHOICE in 2010. Prior to joining the CompCHOICE team, Chad worked in direct patient care as the Nursing Supervisor at Children’s Hospital Emergency Department and as an emergency nurse at Mercy Hospital.  In addition, he obtained his First Responder license, became a member of the EagleMed flight team, was a nursing instructor for a local LPN program, and managed the largest pediatric clinic in Oklahoma. Chad graduated from Oklahoma State University with Associate degrees in both Nursing and Healthcare Administration. Chad received his Case Manager Certification in 2013.

Jim Ropers, Director of Business Development and Marketing