Message From President

When trusted employees are suddenly cast into the workers’ compensation system by work-related injuries, they are often left on their own to navigate a complicated maze of medical and legal obstacles. Employees often enter this system only to be quickly lost in red tape, emerging months later with excessive time lost from work, an overpowering sense of frustration with the system, and a feeling of alienation from the workplace.

CompCHOICE was created in 1994 to facilitate timely, appropriate medical care and recovery process oversight, allowing the injured employee to receive the best possible medical treatment and to return to work as quickly as possible. It is our belief that focusing solely on cost is counterproductive and may ultimately result in inadequate medical care for an injured employee. Our primary goal is to get the employee well as quickly as possibly by providing the highest quality of care and adhering to strict communication standards.

Our approach is very different in that an aggressive advocate (i.e., case manager) is assigned to each patient to personally guide them through the workers’ compensation system. As a result, we have the ability to offer thorough, comprehensive medical care without delay and with less redundancy, often returning the employee to the workplace in a more timely manner.

Employers enjoy the inherent benefit of cost savings under the Certified Workplace Medical Plan system. Total costs are lower due to injured employees spending less time off work, while unnecessary and duplicative medical care is eliminated. Litigation rates are reduced because employees are more satisfied with their care and are better able to take advantage of transitional work. CompCHOICE is also able to offer additional savings through pre-negotiated, discounted rates utilizing its access to an exclusive provider network of 1,500+ providers in Oklahoma alone.

CompCHOICE takes the needs of our clients, and ultimately the injured employees, very seriously. We are committed to bringing the diverse skills of our professional staff together in a collaborative effort to positively impact the workers’ compensation system. The value of our services is found in the innovative, effective and efficient solutions we provide our clients.

We remain confident that our continued performance will equal or surpass the standard of excellence that CompCHOICE has set and achieved for over a decade.

Dan Simmons – President

The value of our services is found in the innovative, effective and efficient solutions we provide our clients.